Frt fender details
 This  Big Dog mc belongs to Joe Hauser. Joe wanted an Indian theme and kind of let me loose to do my thing. I started with a HOK purple pearl base. I then referenced some indian artwork and tried to create scenes in which an indian maiden in a dream sequence would start on the frt fender and countinue to the back fender. I tried tell a story through her as she dreams of her life and the things around her. All artwork is freehanded with airbrush highlights. Some of the references were ffrom the noted artist "Bev Doolitle".Thanks to Joe for letting me be creative to this degree.
 Because of the amount of details in this paint job, I have broken the art done in sequence so the viewer can follow along. Clik pics to enlarge.
 frt of fender shows the maiden and below her a brave hunting a buffalo. in the background are the mountains and plains with a herd of buffalo.
 Above maiden is a white owl in the moonlight.
 As you roll over the middle of the fender I ghosted in a brave dancing.
 On the back of the frt fender I painted a dream catcher with a wolf incorporated in the middle.
 Tank Details
On the very frt of the tank I Airbrushed an indian face into the rocks
 As you follow along the side, there is a host of things going on, the chief surveying his village next to a lake with the moutains in the background and eagles flying about , a wolf's head depicted in the rocks and then the scene trails off into eagle feathers.
 What is fun about this type of art is that you can hide all kinds of things. Here I painted a small frog on the wolf's nose.
 Rear fender detail
 This scene was hard to photograph because of my camera and reflections. Here is an indian in full dress on the hunt. In the background are three buffalo airbrushed in the clouds of a storm on the prairie.
 The final art is the dash cover with painted feathers