Ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon I've been drawing. My first love was copying Rat Fink cartoons and any Hot Rod Cartoon. I even did a stint as an amature cartoonist for a while in the 80's but nearly starved to death. So I started incorporating them into signs and my other work. Years ago I used to sit in restaurants and draw cartoons for freinds and people passing by and still do on occasion. I've done illustration, logo design, t-shirt designs, layouts for signs, portraits, and so on. You name it I've managed to scratch something on about every kind of suface there is out there. I have painted and drawn on everything from Hot Wheels to tractor trailers to complete wall graphics. Over time I have gotten to where I can pretty much draw a design out while I'm talking with a customer. One of my old bosses actually tagged me with the  "QuickDraw"handle. I like drawing because it is the purest form of expression I can think of. On my scetchpad page I have shared some sketches along with the finished product. Now, I know everybody is into computer renderings and that's cool. But, I grew up 'old schooling' it and alot of times when you needed to make a sale and land the job, it was my pencil that saved me from going hungry many times. Plus, my pencill never needs charging. Thanks for your interest, Jay.