I build these lamps out of actual motorcycle parts, car parts, exhaust pipes, and I use headlight buckets and other assorted items that you would use building a bike, car or truck.  I use the same nuts and bolts, welding, drilling, tapping and fabricating techniques to make base plates and brackets and whatever else I need. Although for some things I have to use hardware store items, I try to keep it as close to garage built as possibe. I wanted them to look and feel like an acutal piece of equipment. I then retro-fit the lighting using LED lighting where possible and in some cases, remote or wireless lighting. Depending on the theme, each lamp takes on a life of it's own.
The idea that I wanted for my lamps is for them to be
#1. Real Parts
#2. To see all the mechanics of the lamp
#3. Same paint techniques as I use in the shop
#4. Functional as well as cool looking
They had to be able to serve a purpose rather than just sit in a corner.
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Each lamp is prepped and painted the same as any other automotive item I paint. Same process from primer to clearcoat. I use House of Kolor paint products pretty much exclusively on everything. All the graphics, pinstriping and airbrush art are hand painted. The only exception is when a corporate logo or graphics have a specific request and application that are cost prohibitive to paint. (For instance, it is too small or multiple requests are made.)
There is no limit on paint ideas or themes. From custom to corporate, from stock paint to candies to metalflake.
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