CooLitez is the creation of Jay Griffen, a custom painter, pin striper, airbrush artist and fabricator for over 40 years. He came up with the idea one day while trying to get his work displayed at a local Harley dealership. After seeing that his display would be thrown up on the wall with half a dozen others painters, he decided that he wanted to do something to make his work stand out from everyone else's. So he thought that mounting his part on a stand and shining a light on it so everyone could see the flake and details in the paint that would make his display more attractive. As he began to draw the design it just kept growing and evolving from there to what you see here today. That was some 15 years ago. Yea, he's a little slow but he finally got it to where he was happy with it. Now the lamps have blossomed into a unique blend of art, cool parts and functionality.  Something you can actually use as well as admire. These lamps are made from real motorcycle parts, car parts and all kinds of stuff that you would normally find in most any shop or garage.  By combining all these elements, along with some really cool paintwork, Jay believes he has created the ultimate man-cave (or girl cave) addition to complete your collection of.....well, very important stuff to display. Check out the gallery and let  Jay create something just for you.
 copyright 2017