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I have 2 lamp designs available at the moment  with more to be released at a later date. A Torchere style and a Desktop style. I use reconditioned and aftermarket fenders and tanks, however If you have a special part off a motorcycle or car that you would like to see incorporated into a lamp I can do that too. These are high quality in every aspect and professionally built. There are a variety of upgrades that can be done such as dual headlights, chrome stacks and remote controls, custom airbrush art and paint. We can discuss this and other options during consultation.
 1. The Torchere "Base" lamps with painted pipes start @ $2495.00 +tax +shipping. " Base" is described as stock paint with painted base and pipes with minimal artwork.

Custom applications include Chrome pipes, custom paint and custom artwork + Diamond plated and  chrome base plates.

 2. Desktop lamps start @ $1295.00 + tax +shipping
"Base" is described as Stock paint colors + minimal artwork.

Custom fabrication, artwork and special requests will be priced accordingly.

At this time it takes about two to three weeks to build a lamp. Custom orders will be addressed and priced accordingly. Multiple lamps for corporate applications are available.

All items require a 50% deposit. Balance is due when the item is completed. You will get a photo e-mail showing the finished product.
Call or e-mail me for payment options

Shipping: A special crate is made to ship these lamps in and they are mounted on a pallet to be shipped by truck. Regular shipping rates apply according to zip code.

Each lamp comes with a certificate of ownership and basic care and upkeep instructions.

For more information and design consultation my contact information is:

 or call me @ 518-522-0450

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