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 2014 CVO Road King
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Custom Paint Repairability.
Is this Repairable?

I have been asked that question for about 25 years now and I am still amazed that so few painters and shops know the answer. To be fair though, it is not a job for a novice or a shop that is not familiar with custom paint or custom paint techniques. It does require some home work and education as well as a definate skill set. Here is a basic breakdown of how it works, manufactuers such as Harley Davidson, Indian, Victory, Honda and so on, have their own custom color selctions specific to their brand. Most brands either have a specific paint code and paint products available in stock or the code is usable through the local autobody supply to get paint mixed for repairs. However, some companies, like Harley, have a certain number of bikes built and painted in a specific run known as 'CVO's, or Custom Vehicle Operations, a limited production run of bikes that for in-house marketing reasons, are only produced in limited numbers, a series special, or one year only colors. Other companies have their own series of designs that are exclusive to them. These specific paint jobs are usually farmed out to different companies and then these companies use custom techniques that are not 'the norm' because they use paints and procedures that are unique to that brand. There are no available 'codes' to the public from these companies for a couple of reasons. One is obviously "exclusivity" and the other is because of the variables of the actual process involved. While regular paint jobs have a specific process of basecoat and maybe a different ground coat and then a clearcoat, the custom work provided by some companies have multiple techniques and applications involved that a color matching computer just simply cannot read. The reason? How do you code multiple techniques? Average paint shops are just not educated on the types of paints and techniques used to match these paint jobs and few have the talent on hand to apply these needed techniques. To be honest except for some select independent repair shops, most collision facilities don't want the hassel of dealing with the challenges that come with custom repairs. That's where shops like mine come in. I specialize in these techniques and special procedures involved with custom paint and therefore have an intimate knowledge of their repairabilty. As with any repair, the question becomes one of repair vs. replace when it comes to cost, time and the quality of the repair. For more information on this subject call me, Jay Griffen @ 518-522-0450 or send an e-mail to , and we can discuss options.

Before                  After
Graphics Repair
 Section Repair on a tank that was damaged and the decal was discontinued by Harley.


 "Paint damage restoration and repair from                                 mild to wild "
Anniversary Repair, Color Match and Stripe Repalcement
Hail Damage Repair with Color matched  and Pin Striped Helmet.

40 Pontiac Rear damage Repair w/ color and artwork match
CVO Copy Paint Job
Honda Fury Tank Repair and Repaint
 Upper Tank Paint repair
Candy Apple Red Flame Repair
Bag Repair and Console Match on CVO
And Yes! I can get those stripes
Big Dog Chopper Tank Repair
Candy Apple Red Sportster Tank Repair

Numbered Harley set repair
Restored Suzuki Tank
Custom color match on a Saleen S7