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 2014 CVO Road King
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Are Factory Custom and aftermarket paint jobs repairable? I get asked that a lot. Truth is, yes they are. Here are some facts, Harley Davidson, American Iron Horse, Big Dog, Thunder Mountain and many other manufacturers and custom bike builders have one thing in common. They are known for their awesome paint jobs. However, finding someone to fix these paint jobs when they get damaged is often hard to do, if at all, and usually takes weeks and months and at astronomical costs. Part of the reason is the techniques used and the amount of overlays and tint tricks each company use to make the paintjob their own, make matching these jobs quite a chore. Regular paint and body shops are usually not equipped in matching them because,

1. Most production shops find the idea cost prohibitive plus most lack the experience in custom paint mixing and tinting plus, standard production and commercial tints are made different and therefore will not match the custom paint used.
   2. A computerized paint scanner is not designed to scan multiple fades and techniques.
 3. Most custom paint shops would rather just paint the whole project over than fool with trying to repair a small area.
    4. Most dealerships and shops would rather sell new parts no matter how small the damage is, just out of convenience.

 At QuickDraw Design we specialize in repairing and matching all manner of custom paint jobs both factory and aftermarket and that includes, Pin Striping, Graphics and Airbrush work. We use the same products and techniques that the factory uses.  No job is too small. We also do referral work for House of Kolor on the east coast for resolving paint problems, application techniques and trouble shooting. So, no matter what the problem is if you have a hard to match paint job or repair situation that no one else wants to fix or can't, give us a call. That's what we do.
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Airbrush Art Repair
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Graphics Repair
 Section Repair on a tank that was damaged and the decal was discontinued by Harley.


 "Paint damage repair from mild to wild "
Anniversary Repair, Color Match and Stripe Repalcement
Hail Damage Repair with Color matched  and Pin Striped Helmet.

40 Pontiac Rear damage Repair w/ color and artwork match
CVO Copy Paint Job
Honda Fury Tank Repair and Repaint
 Upper Tank Paint repair